Thursday, October 22, 2009

text me.

i got a new cell phone....yeah me!
i have been waiting patiently...for a year.
for my cell phone company to complete it's merger with verizon.
so i could get rid of this awful, outdated, does nothing fun, phone.

it is so old that the pictures are in black & white. HA

all this phone did was send and receive could text, but it took forever.
sad that nowadays we want a phone to do more than just call people.
which is exactly why i had this phone. 
that used to be all i wanted a cell phone for.
but that's changed. i finally decided i wanted a camera phone, and to
text without being a slow poke and i wanted bluetooth.
i get so nervous driving and talking at the same time, so bluetooth was a must.
trust me...the roads will be safer since i have bluetooth now :)

my old phone was super elderly in terms of phones these days.
it's actually only the second cell phone i have owned.
i loved my first one, it was a flip phone also...but they took it away.
the cell phone company that is.
it didn't have the e911 chip in it, and they passed a law requiring it in every cell phone.
so since it didn't have it, they MADE me give it broke my heart :(
i had it for 10 years. it was dropped in puddles and it still worked.

so i was happy to find another a flip open phone.
i have this weird thing about the mouthpiece actually being near my mouth.
i wanted it there.
those tiny one piece phones wouldn't work.
i always felt like i was talking into the air.
my husband reminded me that i would have to do that with the bluetooth.
for some reason that doesn't bother me.  i know weird.
am i'm confusing you...sorry.
let's just move along and see my new phone, shall we?

l love it.
you know, as much as you can love a phone.
it has all the requirements.
it flips open.

both directions!!!!!  how cool is that!

and when you flip it to texting mode, the keyboard switches from numbers to letters.
i can now text super lightning fast...but obviously i can't spell...aah, tezt, what's that? :)

i only noticed it after i loaded the pictures and was too lazy to pop out my memory card
from the computer, back in the camera, text it again on my AWESOME phone, take the picture,
and upload it again. 
so your just gonna have to live with my bad spelling.
hey, i guess i'll just be like all those other kids out there,
that will never learn how to spell anything right, cause they shorthand
words so bad.
i think some of them don't know how to really spell, because of it.

i can now take pictures and video...sweet!

and i can even get a cool new ring tone...if i wanted.
but i don't.
i still prefer the old school ring. 
if i had a song, i probably would never answer my phone.
i would just think its a song on the radio.

plus, it actually annoys me when someone's phone song starts blaring in the check out line.
they purposely wait to answer it so they can hear their favorite song.  come on!
it also has all that other jazz, like internet and email.
i don't really see myself using all of that....i need baby steps.

i was so happy, cause my clip hanger (that everyone makes fun of) worked with this phone.

i discovered it at the big flea market and craft show in canton texas.
you can hang it on your belt loop, purse, or whatever.

it won't come off, until you want it to.
then when you pull it, it just snaps off.
i wanted it to be easy to get to.
it would always end up in the bottom of my purse,
and by the time i found it, i would miss the call.
but between it and my bluetooth, i just click and answer.  nice!

i actually had bought this last year.
on black friday, of anticipation of getting a new phone.
i was so excited that i finally got to use it.

i should probably mention that craig got a new phone too.
he ended up with a blackberry tour.
that thing does all sorts of crazy things.
waaaaay to confusing for me,
and apparently for him took him 3 days to figure out how
to finally retrieve his voicemail. :)

oh, oh, my new phone is ringing....gotta go!

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  1. This post cracks me up because I don't even OWN a cell phone! For real.

    I'm Amish.


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