Thursday, October 15, 2009

i got a parking ticket...sort of.

while browsing at the et cetera shop the other day,
i overheard the clerks conversation about parking tickets.
they were NOT very happy.
it seems a number of them have been the recipient of such tickets.
one lady remarked "i come down here to volunteer and he has
the audacity to give me a ticket"
i just had to kinda laugh.
like he knows who is volunteering and who is just shopping.
i always love to hear conversations that have to do with
the police department...for obvious reasons.
oh, and let's straighten one thing out.
police officers don't drive around randomly giving out parking tickets.
(you would really have to screw up big time to get a parking
ticket from a cop)
that is the job of the parking nazi...hmm, did i just say that?
ya, well that's just what i've heard other people call him :)
his real name is richard...and well, umm,  i'm not even gonna go there.
those ladies talked about him for 15 minutes.
they would shout their experiences across the store.
it was cracking me up.

then i thought...umm how long have i been here.
surely not more than the 2 hours you get to park.
i quickly paid for my things and hustled out to the car.
i looked on my windshield,
PHEW!!!  no ticket.
i thought, surely he would'nt be out writing them in the rain anyway.
they would be all wet and fall apart.
i thought i was right.
i drove across town to get something to eat before
i headed home.
i had the front & back windshield wipers going the whole way.
when i was unloading my car i noticed something stuck to the
back window, in the wiper.
how did i not see that in my rear view mirror.
obviously who ever was driving near me saw it.
they were probably laughing all the way home.
"look at that idiot with the parking ticket flying
across her back window"
there it was...all soggy and wet.

how fitting huh!
not so fast.
when i got it inside and starting reading it, i noticed
it had the make of the car listed as a PT cruiser.
SERIOUSLY, he thinks my honda cr-v is a PT cruiser???
PT cruisers are ugly (sorry if that's what you drive) honda's
are awesomely cute!!!
blind nazi bad, bad parking man...(grumble, grumble)
then, i looked a little closer.
umm, that's not my tag number.
and yes, i know my tag number.
since it is 000 it's pretty easy to remember.
the time written on it was 12:16 pm.
while i'm a little ashamed to admit this,
i was still in bed at 12:16.  i got up at 12:30.
(hey, don't was my day off & it was too cold
to get out of bed + i didn't go to bed until like 3.)

so to whoever owns a  ugly PT cruiser
with the tag VQX 492.
did you really think you could just put it on another car
and no one would notice???
cause i, half an hour later.
i bet you didn't even read it long enough to see this little
piece of vital information...

yah, see that last line sucker...? that's what's gonna happen to you, cause you thought
you were so smart. they have your tag number!!!
instead of paying a measly $5, you might go to jail.

i could be nice and have my husband track you down and
tell you that he has something that belongs to you....
or not.
i haven't decided yet.

i think i would have to laugh though, if it turned out to be one of the
et cetera shop ladies...but i'm assuming they would know better than that.

oh, and my apologies to the ticket troll.

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  1. guess someone will be surprised in 5 days!! Was glad it wasn't your PT hahaha!


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