Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ramblings & raccoons

tuesdays are my day off,
so i stay up crazy late on monday nights.
-i usually get caught up on all my shows
from the week before.
-cram in a bunch of laundry.
winter laundry has started.-jeans, sweaters, urgh!!
-make a list of everything i need to get done on tuesday.
i need lists...i'm way more productive that way.
if i don't have a list, i feel lost and don't get anything done.
if i do something that wasn't on my list in the beginning,
i add it, just so i can cross it off. 

i got everything crossed off my list yesterday.
it felt good.
good enough to treat myself to a route 44 dr. pepper-
not during happy hour today.

i used a dollar bill and four quarters....because when you
use change it doesn't seem like your spending a whole other dollar.
don't look at me that know exactly what i mean.

(ok, so if you don't i guess i really am crazy)

oh, and back to that winter laundry.
i know you know what i mean with that.
fall and winter clothes just take up more space in
the washer, and take longer to dry.
which in turn makes you do more loads.
and really...who needs more laundry?
it's one of those "necessary evils"
and even though it's only the two of us,
we seem to generate a lot of laundry.
i blame it on the shop towels...big vicious circle.
i don't think they all, EVER have been clean at the same time.

last night (umm morning) when i went to bed,
i had to push miley off my pillow.
she takes it over so she can see out the window.
(no headboard yet, so our pillows are literally  in the windows)
i still open mine at night.
there's just something about sleeping with the windows open.
last night there was a perfect sounding, light, steady rain.
miley kept creeping back onto my pillow, and seemed to
be obsessed with something outside.
when i looked i saw a big raccoon climbing up our big tree out front.
ok, obviously i know we have raccoons around here,
but i have never seen one that wasn't squished on the side of the road.
i now, was also obsessed with the raccoon...

me:  craig, craig wake up!!
craig:  what's wrong (in a super groggy voice)
me: there's a raccoon climbing up our tree.
craig: (still in a groggy voice, but now really annoyed)  you woke me up to tell
me that there is a raccoon climbing up our tree?????
me:  uummm, yes. (in a very super sweet voice)
craig:  URGH!!!

ok, so at this point i should have probably just went to sleep,
but now i was a little paranoid as to just how close that raccoon was to me.
i couldn't see where he was in the tree, so i went and got my flashlight.
i shined it out the window.

craig:  WHAT ARE YOU DOING????
me: trying to find that raccoon.
craig: what is wrong with you?
me:  look, look, there are TWO!!
 i can see their beady eyes staring at me.
craig:  there is something wrong with you!
  now shut that thing off and go to sleep.
me: fine.

5 minutes later....
me:  what if the raccoons have come to eat out
  of our fishpond?
craig: oh seriously!  GO  TO SLEEP!!

and that is how it ended.  i knew if i said another word
he would kick me out of bed.

today when he got home from work he thanked me
for getting no sleep last night because of my
obsession with the raccoons.
oh, and he told me that i couldn't open the window either.
at least i know i can wake him up about raccoons in the middle
of the night and he still loves me :)  uhh, i think?

ok, that's enough rambling for one day.
i have to go make my wednesday list anyway.

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