Saturday, October 3, 2009

good stuff.

since i wasn't able to go to the craft fair in hillsboro,
i was excited when my neighbor invited me to one she was
participating in.  
it was in a very small town.  
like if you blink, you might miss it small town.

my neighbor tina & her friend susan had a booth together.

they had all sorts of homemade, handmade goodness.

 susan makes all sorts of soaps, bath items, and yummy lip gloss

tina had lots of hand sewed items and delicious goodies.

from table runners and pillows to homemade peanut butter cups and lolly pops.

i spotted this quilted runner that i had to have.

it had so many fun colors and patterns.
i had a table just waiting for it.

and remember that lip gloss i said was yummy?
i bought three.

it tastes exactly like it's name.
and it looks like a lava lamp when you flip it upside down.
i can't keep licking it off my lips....i hear that seems to be a common problem :)

i also bought these for craig....they are his favorite.
...but, he only got one, cause apparently they were my favorite also.
and i needed a "driving home snack."
good thing i know where to get some more.

the only other thing i bought was at a different booth.
these were to cute to pass up.

i'm gonna use them to put on christmas packages.
speaking of christmas,
i can't believe that christmas is just 2 1/2 months away.
didn't we just celebrate fourth of july....
man, time just zips by anymore.
what's with that anyway....
when your a kid it just drags on and on.
darn all that adult responsibility that steals your time!

so here's your 2 month warning to start that christmas shopping,
or to make your own list for your hubby :)
go check out all the cool stuff at susan's store here in newton.
it's called "extremely gifted" and it's in a really cool old house on
west braodway across from grabers.

happy shopping!


  1. I had to laugh when I read Craig only got one peanut butter cup...poor guy! (HA!) I'm glad you liked them as well. I shall have to make up a special box for the both of you. Want anything in particular for the block party?

  2. Is that Tina from Pine street that makes those cool table runners? May have to think about that for Christmas.....


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