Sunday, October 25, 2009

sneak peek: fall colors.

fall colors this year have been amazing.
i have found myself snapping pictures all over town.
maybe our fall is always this bright & colorful and i just have never noticed.
surely not...hmmm.
since i have taken way to many pictures,
i will take this whole next week to show you some of my favorites.
i have a lot :)
of course monday is off limits.
miley wouldn't be to happy if i took away her computer time.

she says something about her "needing an outlet"
so i will officially start tuesday.
ya know, so i  won't have to put my dog in therapy.
but because i am super nice...i will give you a peek.
just a little one though.

maybe all the glorious colors will make me forget all about
the crazy raking i'm gonna have to do later.

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  1. The Bushes! omg! theyre so pretty (:


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