Monday, October 5, 2009

the dog who blogs: bacon, waffle & a side of marley.

miley mae douglass

i have the bestest family
and the bestest friends.
follow my blog every
monday and see the world
through my big brown eyes.


this week my friend bacon called to see if he could come play.
momma said yes, so bacon rushed right over.

i was very excited....i love me some bacon!
he's always kinda shy at first.

so i let him roam around a bit and get a feel for the area.  i think it helps.

you ready to play now bacon?

bacon is very me.
that's probably why i like him so much.
we have a lot in common.
let's see, were both cute,
we both have long noses,
and long tails, were super cute,
we both LOVE treats.
oh, and we both have great smiles,
and if i didn't mention it before, were both
awesomely cute.

when bacon's momma said they had to leave,
i begged her to let him stay.

ya know what she told me?
in a couple of weeks bacon was coming to stay with me.
did you hear that?  HE IS GOING TO STAY WITH ME!!!!!
for over a week!!!
i was so excited, that i kissed him.

i couldn't help myself.  i was so happy and so was he.
can you just imagine it....a whole week with bacon. 
i must start making plans now.
this is gonna be great.
those squirrels won't stand a chance with the two of us.
we will tag team them i tell ya.

that's right mr. squirrel.
you'd better grab your nuts umm.... acorns and RUN!!

i invited the doodles over for a little training. 

now that the big water dish (momma called it a pool) is gone.
i have a nice sandy spot to train those doodles.
first i told marley to lay down.

then it was waffle's turn.

right here waffle....lay down here.

man, am i good or what!
i had those doodles trained just like that.
i'm not sure if it's because their good listeners,
or that i'm just that good of a teacher.
...i tend to lean towards the latter.
since they were so good i told them they could chase me.
they'll never catch me...i'm just too fast!

is that all ya got?
come on doodles...kick it into overdrive.

first one to catch me, gets to lick the sand off my nose.

oh you silly doodles, what would i do without you.

i guess i wore them out pretty good today.
good session today doodles,
we'll see ya next week.
now go hit the water bowl.
and remember to share this time!



  1. Hi Miley...
    Hey just wanted to tell you your middle name is the same as mine... spelled the same way too...
    I'll be coming in soon for your mommy to cut my hair so I'll see you soon.


  2. waffle was so depressed the next day he played at your house.
    moped all day trying to tel me how boring it is at our house instead of mileys. :)
    thanks for watching him!


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