Tuesday, September 29, 2009

pumpkin patch.

a friend told me about this great little pumpkin patch.
it sits just outside the city limits.
it's just a simple little pumpkin patch,
not "commercialized" like so many have become.

the family who runs it is soo nice.

they had so many different kinds.
all shapes, sizes & colors.

i have always loved the pure white ones.

i was having a hard time deciding which ones were coming home with me.
i could of picked pumpkins forever.

while i was deciding, the farmer showed me this.

GROSS!!!!  i totally jumped back when he came walking out with it.
then all i could think about was the fact that there might be snakes
all over the pumpkin patch.
where i had been walking.
he assured me he found it far, far away from the patch.
i think he was just saying that, so i would go back in.
i had to....i  just kept finding more & more.

they went from ity bity to ginormous!


he also had a bunch of indian corn.

there were so many bright colors.

this little guy was just waiting to get his picture taken.

i think i spent 2 hours there.
just roaming around and looking.
it was like a relaxing little treasure hunt.

this is what the back of my car looked like.

he even gave me some giant dried sunflower seed heads
for my squirrels.
i wish i could of seen them when they were blooming.
they were huge!!

these two were my favorites from the day.
this short squaty one was a "blue variety"

he sold me this one only if i would bring him back the seeds.
apparently all the seeds he had of this pumpkin got washed out,
and he only ended up with one.
talk about pressure.

the ones with black on the bottom were called

this one looks a little creepy.
perfect for halloween.

my porch is officially happy.

i could of probably stayed there the rest of the day
if i didn't have to go to work.
i love it when i find out about something new in my own town
that i never knew was there before.
if you want directions just email me.
it's totally worth it.

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  1. Oh! I know exactly who that was!

    I talked to him the other day at the Farmer's Market and he told me all about the big snake skin he found. haha! He also told me that they donate their money to special olympics.

    I'm hoping to get over there in the next week or so because I need some pumpkins. By the time I got to the farmer's market he was about sold out.


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