Wednesday, September 23, 2009


tuesday's are my typical day off.
they are usually crammed with stuff i gotta get done.
but today, i had nothing too important,
so i took a nap.
to make up for the previous bad week.
cause it was long gone.
so i thought.
the phone rang....
i let the machine get it.
the voice i heard flung me off the couch in 2 seconds.
it was my hubby's supervisor.
i freaked out when i heard him leaving this message.
"amy this is lt. murphy, you need to call me as soon as you can...."
as a cop's wife, you do not ever want to hear that. ever.

he was at the hospital.
apparently in a training exercise, that included fighting off a bad guy,
the bad guy won. 
craig suffered a concussion. (stars, stripes and floating people)
(yes, even super cop goes down every once in a while)
thankfully, he is gonna be ok.
very sore, but ok.
all his tests came back clear. 
god had his back, and i'am so thankful for that.
it's frighting to walk into a room and see your guy like that.
he's supposed to be taking it easy the next few days.
we will see....he's kinda stubborn in that way :)

since he was opposed to his picture being taken. (macho guy)
this is my only proof of his stay.

i was grateful i could walk out of there with him,
and that he could only see one of me.
now, if i could only just go the rest of the week........
never mind. i'm not even gonna say it.


  1. scary. Especially in those moments of unknown.
    I'm glad he is alright.

  2. So why did I see him in your driveway this morning heading to work?! Stay home and take it easy, SuperCop!!

  3. he told me he HAD to work on something this morning that could not wait! he said he would only work 1/2 a day....that didn't happen either! he's stubborn!


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