Friday, September 18, 2009

laundry gadgets.

i'm kinda a sucker for commercials.
how do you think i ended up with the foaming toothpaste?
they draw me in...big time.
i should really be a product tester.
i would be so good at it!
actually, i guess i am a product tester.
i just don't get paid for it!
hmmm.  i need to change that somehow.

i blame it on my late grandma.
she was the same way.
she had every "as seen on TV" gadget known to man.
sooooo, when i saw this, i ran right out and got one.

ok, so i didn't go that exact moment.
but i thought about it.

it is awesome!  i love it.  it makes everything smell sooo good.
oh, and it helps with that other stuff like
static cling and wrinkles, whatever.  it smells good!
did i mention that it smells good.

i also got some new laundry baskets.

they collapse.
and i love that.
i don't have a lot of room for those big plastic ones.

plus, they always seem to be full. 

happy friday...yes friday.
i have to go get a flu shot now.


  1. I like your baskets - where did you find them?

  2. If you move to Texas you could get paid to be a product tester!!! ;)


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