Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the main reason we went to maine...final installment

the reception was held in town at the muddy rudder restaurant
it sits right on the river's edge, so it's really pretty.

the tables were decorated so eloquently.
and the flowers were perfect.
the reds and yellows together were really striking and made for beautiful arrangements.

aren't they so cute?

i was so nervous through dinner, knowing i was going to have to give a toast.
i don't do public speaking.
i can only handle talking in a small group or one on one,
and it usually consists of talking to someone through a mirror sitting in my beauty shop chair.

so thank goodness there aren't any pictures of it, cause just as i thought
i bawled all the way through it.
pathetic i know.
i keep telling myself that it wasn't as bad as i thought, but i'm pretty sure it was.
it's all those darn lifetime movies i tell ya.  they have ruined me.

apparently craig knew this was going to happen and when i stood up to give it my best shot, he
leaned over to the guy next to him and  said "watch this, she's gonna start crying."
ah, the joys of being married 16 years :)

enough about that. let's talk cake!

beautiful and yum!
....and this is sean's.  funny!

can you tell she used to be a gymnast?

first dance.....aaaahhhh.

now to some serious dancing!

and i had to make sure i got a quick pose in before they left.

we sent them off with lots of sparklers.
i loved that idea!

thank you so much for letting me be part of your special day.
it really meant a lot to me.
i am so blessed to call you a friend.
i know that sean is your destiny, and i'm so glad you found him.
so, to my sister from another mother :)
i wish you again, all the joy and happiness in this great big ginormous world.
(and yes, you guessed it.  i'm crying again!)

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