Wednesday, September 2, 2009


i must confess.
i never had any intention of visiting the east coast.
even though i live smack dab in the middle of kansas,
i L O V E  the west coast, i really think i was born into the wrong state.

that is until my real life bff tonya, met a guy from maine, and she decided that is where she was going to get married & live in the summer.

i have a billion pictures of the week's events, but figured i would start with a few of my favorite "scenic" views.

i have to say, it is absolutely the summer.
i would NEVER want to be there in the winter.
i was amazed at how different the east & west coasts are, like night & day really.
but i LOVED it.
and i will go back.
soon i hope.
thanks t, for opening my eyes to a whole new experience.

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  1. So if Tonya is your real-life bff... do you have a pretend, imaginary bff, also?


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