Wednesday, September 9, 2009

birthday girls

yesterday was my sister-in-laws birthday.
i hope my brother did something nice for her.

they live just 30 minutes north, but we don't seem to see them often enough.
she is a nurse and a wonderful mom to kylee, sierra, and dylan.
hope you had a wonderful birthday tracey!!


today is my friend tonya's birthday.
this is us at the rock n roll mcdonald's in chicago in 1990.
we had just returned from our gymnastics trip to europe.

in fact, while were looking back...let's go a little farther.

like kindergarten

or 6th grade.

or maybe even freshman year.

happy birthday tonya!!!
you can thank your mom for providing the trip down memory lane. :)
have a great day, and make sure sean treats you like a princess.
oh and i almost forgot...buddy wishes you a happy birthday too!


  1. That is just WRONG!!!!! Why did you pick the absolute wost picture from my childhood and post it to the web???

    But thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. Amy you are the BEST! Tamara


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