Monday, September 7, 2009

the dog who blogs: friends, more friends, & stroller rides

miley mae douglass

i have the bestest family
and the bestest friends.
follow my blog every
monday and see the world
through my big brown eyes.

today on my walk i met a new friend.
she is just a baby, but i like her spunk.

her name is tommy girl.
she was very fluffy and soft.
i hope i get to play with her again sometime.

next we stopped at susan's house.
i let my friend brayden walk me for a while.
check out his ride.
now that's what i'm talk'n about!  let's roll.

my neighbor london let me ride in her's one day too.
i know i know, i have a great life!

when we flew on an airplane to california i had my own personal stroller for the airport.
my carrier fit right into it.  now that's california cruz'n.

i know, i look a little jet lagged in this photo,
but that's the price you pay to fly these days.


this is marley.
she is my bdff.
she lives next door.

here, let me adjust the camera.
i'm still trying to figure this thing out.

much better.
check out her pearly whites.
i wonder if her momma brushes her teeth too.

she came over this weekend and stayed for a while.
we played lots and it was fun.

my friend sadie is fun too.
her momma maggie brings her over to play with me
while she gets a haircut in my momma's shop.

can you believe that marley is part golden retriever like sadie!
sadie definitely knows how to play.
that must be the part that marley got.

well, all that fun has got me plum tuckered out.
so tune in next week to see who's taking me on my walk.
will it be you?



  1. ummm....miley? are you forgetting someone?
    what about ME?
    you are in so much trouble next time i see you!

  2. Miley! I knew you were terrifically smart the first time I met you! But techno savy? I didn't pick up on this part of you! I'm a very proud doggy doctor today! woof woof!

  3. Marley says... Sorry, Waffle. I'm pretty sure I'm Miley's favorite goldendoodle. And Bella comes in 2nd because her momma gives Miley crazy amounts of dog treats when she's over here. You can be her 3rd best doodle friend. :)

  4. oh you silly goldendoodles, i love all of you.

  5. I love the last picture... Will it be you?


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