Thursday, September 24, 2009

dvr love.

my dvr has been working overtime this week.

 the fall tv season has started and i'm excited.
all my favorite shows are now back....except for lost.
they make you wait forever, uhh.

i always dvr any new show i think i might like.
i give it one episode to draw me in.
ok, sometimes depends.
but my dvr is running out of space.
it only lets you record 2 shows at once.
yes people, i need it to record like 4 shows at once.
it makes me choose.
bad dvr.  don't make me choose.
we can put a man on the moon, but we can't record 4 shows at once??
come on!!!

this is what my schedule looks like for the week.

give or take a few shows that wouldn't fit on the screen :)

i am ready. i am armed.

and i have my tv snuggler with me to keep me warm.
it was so cold, i had to drag out the fleece pj's

 i am now a very happy tv junkie!!
i admit it.
i would not survive without it.
i wouldn't!!

and, as a purely precautionary measure.

ya, know...just in case.

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