Saturday, September 5, 2009

the main reason we went to maine. (part 1)

so these two, could live happily ever after.

we started with the rehearsal.

 then we walked up the path to tonya & seans neighbors place for the dinner.
all i can say is BEAUTIFUL!
everything is soo green & lush.
they have the most spectacular gardens!

of course we had lobster....or as the mainer's call it, lobstah.
they were so yummy i had 2!
and yes, bibs and wide open mouths ARE necessary.
 apparently, tonya is that messy, that she had to wear her apron :)
 isn't it adorable.  i gave it to her at her shower.
and this is one of the cute gifts she gave me for being a maid of honor.
her sister was one too.
every time i wear it, someone always comments on it.
and i wear it a lot.  thanks tonya, i love it!
later that evening, tonya & sean invited all the wedding guests over for a pre-wedding celebration.
it was tons of much that i didn't take any pictures.
i was too busy woop'n it up and meeting new people.
the morning of the wedding all the girls went to eat breakfast.
the waitress spilled mine and another girls on the floor.
but eventually we got to eat.
then we headed over to the bowling alley, yes that's right, i said bowling alley.
what? you never went bowling on your wedding day?
you might notice the balls are a little small, and don't have holes.
and the pins are straight & skinny. 
it's called "candlepin bowling"
and that's how they bowl in new england.
i'm not a great regular bowler.
and i found out i'm not so great at this either.
but is was FUN.
i want to go again, and again, that's how much i liked it.
and unlike a regular bowling ball, this one doesn't wreck your manicure :)
but like regular bowling, it does wreck your style.
 and since this post keeps growing and growing.
tomorrow, we will get to the actual ceremony...i promise.

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