Thursday, September 10, 2009

spidey would be jealous

ok, this might seem a little weird.
but just hang in there.
it's worth it, i promise.

i've been wanting to find a really big, cool spider web.
and spray paint it! 
why?  because i can, that's why.

so of course we have millions of tini tiny one's outside.
but i wanted a HUGE one.
thanks to my friend van, i found one.
he had the perfect one.
it was strung from his porch overhang right to a hollyhock flower.
now don't get me wrong, i don't like spiders,
but even i have to admit that they can spin some pretty cool webs.
i was very happy that the owner of this one, was out running errands.

van thought i had gone off the deep end when i asked him if i could spray paint it.
he just shook his head and said "whatever"
so armed with my white and red spray paint i headed over.

i started with white.

you have to admit, cool huh.
in a weird sorta way , i know.

when i added some red, i got this.

aren't those little guys amazing? creative?
just imagine if they scrapbooked :)

the wind was blowing just enough to make this one look really cool,
kinda like a parachute.

i think that even van decided that maybe i wasn't completely crazy.
i love that you can see his house in the background of this one.
and that it sorta looks tie-dye.

i was really wishing i had all the colors of the rainbow.
that would of been hilarious.
but if rainbow bright was a spider, i think she would have loved it.


  1. You have WAY too much time on your hands!!!

  2. I have always wanted to do this! I once has a lesson on geometry in nature that suggested it! VERY COOL! Tamara

  3. Good times!(: i think it's really mad at you by the way. & now its webs arent near as pretty. & i do love the picture where you can see the house too. (: B-E-A-Utimus


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