Sunday, September 6, 2009

the main reason we went to maine (part 2)

the big day.
just like i promised.
mother nature was awesome!!!
it was like the weather was made to order.
the guest book attendants took a serious picture of each couple/family and a silly one.
this is ours..i didn't get to see how my husband posed, but i had a pretty good idea.
yep, i was right.  CRAIG!!!!
the guys arrived on the dock by boat of course.
the boat was seans amazing wedding present from tonya.  LUCKY GUY!!!!
the girls.  (cim, tonya's sister, me, and her friend tamera from texas)
i was standing on my tippy toes for this one.
i was so afraid of getting to the gravel path and sliding on my rear the whole
way down to the dock.
so i scuffed the dickens out of the bottom of my shoes before the ceremony, in hopes
that it would help.  i guess it did, i stayed upright. phew!
this is ohara the flower girl...don't you just love that name. she was waving to her daddy. sweet.

and of course the ring bearer duke the dog, with his assistant aiden.
how cute are they.  duke even had a camera on him that was set to take pictures every minute or so
throughout the ceremony.
 and now, our feature presentation.  (que the trumpets please)

she looked so beautiful, and her smile...well it was from ear to ear.
you could tell she was sooo happy.
her dress was simply stunning, i loved the detail in the front.
and this is her neighbor jeff, the one with all the glorious gardens.
he played the bagpipes during the ceremony, it sounded amazing.
instead of a unity candle, they did unity sand.
very fitting.

a big smooch, and it was official!

tuesday, i will continue with part 3.
you don't wanna miss the reception!

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful wedding! It's definitely not Kansas scenery.


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