Friday, September 11, 2009


you can't go to boston without seeing a red sox game.
it would just be un-american.

i have to say, out of all the ballparks we have visited,
this was my favorite.
there was just a "feeling" about it.
one you don't get anywhere else.

it pretty much starts the moment you get on the subway.
of course we had to find it first, then navigate it.


the moment you step out onto the street, the energy just grows.
it seriously is right in the middle of town.
compared to most ballparks it's pretty small.
but the fans are like no other.

they close the streets off on game days.
they become part of the ballpark.

the history is everywhere.
and the beer!
they definitely know how to drink in boston.

 we settled for a fenway frank and a pop.
the weather was perfect for a ballgame.
bright blue skies.

we sat with the rowdy crowd, next to the green monster.
oh i'm sorry,  the GREEN MONSTAH!

this is john lester.
he pitched a no hitter against the royals last year.

big papi hit a 3-run homer to come from behind and win the game.
it landed in front of us.
everyone was crazy excited.
i'm just glad we got to see them win.
it is quite a experience.
if you ever go to must visit fenway.
it is like no other!

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