Wednesday, September 16, 2009

shirring up a storm

i am so glad it is back.
i was having withdrawls...seriously!
a couple of weeks ago mitchell, who i hated  disliked VERY much,
(thankfully he was out!)
did a little technique that got me curious.
shirring or some call it smocking.
you remember those little sundresses?
the ones with all the little elastic puckering?
turns out, it's fairly easy.
like everything, i googled it.
(whoever invented google...i love you!)
you basically switch out your bobbin thread for elastic thread.
you have to wind it by hand.
then start stitching rows.
 i used my presser foot as a guide.
you won't see much at first.
it will pucker a little when you get a few rows down.
but when you add steam from your iron.
it all just puckers up like magic.
i put a little twist on the pillowcase dress for little girls.
after cutting off the top..about 5 inches (save those for the straps)
i shirred about 15 rows down.
i did hem the top 1/4 inch first.
when it was all shirred, if you don't like the ruffle at the top
you can run some elastic through it.
the bottom is the finished edge of the pillow case.
then use the leftover to make into straps,
or you could attach ribbon and just tie the straps.
either way it works. :)
since i was invited to a little birthday party for a 3 yr old.
i made one for her.
  i stuck a little matching messy bow on the strap
that she can wear on the dress or in her hair.
just cut the pillowcase shorter if you want to make it a top.
i have to say, i kinda impressed myself.
i'm a shirr genius!  hahahahahahahhaha.
now i'm making a grown up version.
i don't think a pillowcase will work for me though :)


  1. Amy, this dress is really cute. I have a sewing machine but rarely use it. I'm always looking for new cool projects (that I may or may not actually every do), and I'll add this one to the list.

  2. Cute Cute Cute! Where did you find such a cute pillow case? I always wanted to try this procedure - now I will have to try it!


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