Friday, April 8, 2011

so so so behind.

you know it's been too long since you last blogged when:
you start getting emails from people wondering if your still alive...
a random stranger comes up to you at a store and asks when your gonna start blogging again... (freaked me out, but was kinda cool at the same time...i guess you really never know who is reading your blog after all.)
i knew it had been a while...but sometimes life and a good nights sleep get priority.

i sat down last night to start this post and the wind came outta of nowhere and poof, just like that, no electricity.
i walked to the back door with the flashlight only to see the neighbors sand box cover flying over the fence towards our house...
it didn't rain...just wind.
for like 5 minutes and then it was gone.
but  the electricity was still off and so i called it a night.
it really is amazing what you can't do with out power.  hardly anything.


if you fill it....they will come.
three and a wanna be...
they even starting forming a line.
there may have been some hinkiness going on while waiting...


i knocked out some serious spray painting over the weekend.
i used a whole lot of this.

i'm pretty sure i have been red flagged at both the hardware store and wally world for purchasing so much
spray paint.
this is the old black bucket from above
 lots and lots of old frames.
 soon to be mirrors.

above is part of a light fixture i picked up on one of my trips to the canton flea market.

miley decided to help.
i spray painted a bunch of old hardware too.

do you know about this?
...and i'm gonna have a booth!
that is part of the reason why i have been spray painting everything i can get my paws on.
and why i am so behind on blogging.
mark you calenders people!!  MAY 7TH!
i will give you more details and sneak peek at my wares later this week.
wanna see pictures from last time?
go here!

now i'm off to tackle the crazy amount of leaves around the fish pond so i can take the nets off and
get the waterfall going again.



  1. Love the post about the birds! You are just too funny. See you at the barn sale :)

  2. Can you bring this here Barn Sale to Colorado please?
    I love the bucket, it's a great color, just in time for Easter too.
    I'm surprised you didn't spray Miley down a little, maybe a nice light pink, but she'd need a primer coat first.
    Yeah, I know what you mean about being gone from blog land for awhile. I think it's coming time to shut mine down. When I start blogging about my dental work, then I think it's time.

  3. Why do y'all always pick dates I already have plans??? That's our weekend to head back to Maine. See you Easter weekend!

  4. Yay for the Barn Sale!!! :) Can't wait!

  5. that is awesome AMY!!!!
    you will have so much fun.
    good for you!

  6. i've missed your blog also...... it tells me what my daughter is doing hahaha!
    see you tomorrow:)

  7. very jealous! i keep thinking i wanna have a booth somewhere too. this sounds so fun! let us know how it goes!


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