Sunday, March 27, 2011

loaded potato soup.

since it decided to snow today...
i figured it was the perfect time to post the loaded potato soup recipe i promised you last week.
this came from one of my salon customers a few years back and it is a cold weather favorite around here.
here's what you'll need:
5 lbs potatoes
3/4 box chicken broth (the family size)
2 cans cream of chicken soup
salt & pepper (as much or as little as you like)
small diced onion (mr.douglass despises onions so i just sneak in some onion salt)
1/2 block of velveeta
block of cream cheese softened
cooked bacon, diced up (i cheat and buy the fresh bacon bits, MUCH EASIER!)

peel and chunk potatoes
 i use my apple corer without the end to make quick work of peeling the potatoes.
throw them in your slow cooker on low.
then add in:
chicken broth
cream of chicken soup
salt & pepper
onion  (or some version of an onion)

simmer on low all day, or bump up to high to speed things along.
30 min before you are ready to serve it add in:
velveeta diced up
cream cheese diced up
and your bacon bits.
give it a few stirs and that's it!
it is a thick and hearty, warm your bones up soup.
it makes a ridiculous amount, so spoon some into a big bowl and take it to your neighbors house.
(especially if she brings you yummy food all the time!)


  1. Okay, so what's our next recipe?
    Potato soup just happens to be one of our favorites. We usually get a mix though (Bear Creek)and add a ham bone to it. I'm not a fan of Velveeta cheese at all, can I use something else?
    Hey! When are we making red velvet whoopie pies? Did you ever end up making those? Maybe that's just a valentine thang.

  2. What is up with onion hating husbands???? Makes this onion loving girl crazy!
    I want this soup. Now. Come over and make it. I even have the apple thing that I've never tried.

  3. You just helped make my decision for dinner tonight much easier. Thanks! Looks delish.

  4. Oh, my! That looks wonderful!
    Mrs. B.

  5. I cheat even more by using a large bag of frozen hashbrowns---the cubed kind, Call me lazy!!!

  6. make some for your mom and dad:)

  7. I'm glad you included the part about bringing some to your neighbor. That's an important step. :)

  8. Ok. Why have I never thougth to use that apple peeler for potatoes!??!? I'm kind of embarassed to admit that....but you just made my life easier and I had to tell you!

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