Sunday, March 20, 2011

a quick run down.

it seems i have turned into a once a week blogger...
totally not my intention.
i have kept myself plenty busy...i promise.
i have 13 shows on the dvr that haven't been watched yet.
i have come down with spring cleaning fever...
and when you got it, you gotta keep going.
no stopping.

other than cleaning and purging this house, this is what i've been up to lately.

a friends wedding.
it was simple & perfect.

the bride is a pilot, so the reception was at our airport in a hangar.
very cool idea.
she flew them away when it was all finished.
the brides grandma, turned out to be my elementary school music teacher.
she really hasn't changed.
i went over and introduced myself...she remembered me.
that. never. happens.
(i also ran into my elementary school principal this week while getting my hair cut.)

(i realized afterwords my camera was on a setting i had never used before...which i'm guessing is why all the pictures are so grainy)

this is what i made for the bride & groom.
i think it turned out pretty cool...yes, i'm bragging on my silhouette again.

the next day a group of friends and i headed to the sticks to beki's house for a free photography workshop.
by the look of the wedding photos, it wasn't a moment too soon.
i learned a lot.
i also learned i don't know how to spell aperture. (i do now though!)
me and my little fuji were outnumbered by canons and nikons.
someday soon maybe i will bite the bullet and get a REAL camera.
i asked beki to send a note home with me telling my husband that i need a canon.
he said...then go get one.
but in the next breath he said...but i think you take really good pictures with the one you have.
reverse psychology maybe???

when we were leaving it started raining frozen sleet balls.
people were sliding off the highway left and right.
today it was absolutely stunning outside...75, sunny, barely a breeze...divine!
hopefully kansas has gotten all the crankiness out of it's system for good.

i made myself a yummy chicken salad sandwich for lunch.
i never really cared for chicken salad until i tried a friends.
she makes it with a rotisserie chicken from the store.  already cooked and seasoned.
it totally makes all the difference.
(thanks joan!)

when it was still cold i made a batch of loaded potato soup in the crockpot.
recipe coming soon.

miley has been stalking this icky varmint all week.
possums totally creep me out.
especially when they are lurking in the tree above my head.

when the weather started turning nice, instead of being outside, i felt the urge to purge the inside.
i cleaned out closets and now have a bunch of stuff to take to the thrift store.
that's just the tip of the iceberg people.
i moved all the winter stuff into the closet in our bedroom...i use it for off season clothing.
why not use the master closet?
well...i am short, but both master closets are kid sized in height.
cute yes, practical no.  (ack, the graininess is back!)
how the clothes rod has not busted yet is beyond me.
it is OLD!
notice the little piece of wallpaper border?
it is there so that all the shoulders don't get a white plaster mark on them.
someday i will take the time to paint the closets, but it's not really high on my priority list right now.

once again wal-mart sucked me in and made me divert from my list for this.
who couldn't resist a green & white polka-dotted bath mat?
me, that's who.
this is the rest of my little bathroom.
in case you were curious.
if your not, then just skip the next couple of pictures :)
i made the stained glass windows years ago...
it's been a while since i have done anything that big.
someday i will refinish the tub and get new flooring...but for now it's fine with me.
i don't think i could live without my clawfoot tub, it is my favorite and most used thing in this house.

i turned those trays i was spray painting a few weeks back into little chalk boards.
they are part of something bigger...that i will tell you about another day.

so there's my quick rundown of the happenings around here.
tomorrow i start a small painting job in a little town near ours.
(every so often i take on one of these...i like painting so it's fun for me.)
it does require painting popcorn ceilings though...ugh!
i already made a chiropractic appointment for friday...
i will need it.

peace out peeps.


  1. That chicken salad looks divine and I want that polka dot rug! Guess I will be hitting WM tomorrow.:) Trays + chalkboard paint = complete cuteness! Lori

  2. The graininess is from too high of an ISO, I think.

    I just recently learned how to spell aperture. I went back and edited all my blog posts to remove the A.

    I'm loving all the cute polka dot things at the WalMarts right now!

  3. Girlfriend, you have been busy! I love the clawfoot tub. I'm such a sucker for those.

    The weather coming home from Beki's was crazy! I'm so glad I was with friends. No one else believes me that it was slick on the highway.

    The chicken salad sandwich looks especially refreshing today. yummy!!

  4. Love the green polkadot bath mat and I can't wait to see what you do with the chalkboard trays!


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