Saturday, March 12, 2011

last weekend...

last weekend miley and i hit the road for texas.
it just so happens my bestie is a cpa and so she graciously does our taxes every year.
it wouldn't be so bad if i didn't have the beauty shop, that's what complicates everything.
i don't have any pictures from the actual process, cause that would bore you to death.
but i do have pictures from the flea market we always go to.
first monday trade days in canton, texas.
i have to say this time was kind of a bust.
yes, there was plenty of good stuff.
just out of my price range or i knew i really didn't need it.
i didn't come home with much.
but i gathered lots of ideas...and sometimes that can be better!

i think craig was shocked when he opened the back of my car and found nothing since last time
he didn't even have to open the car to see it was packed full.

this is only the second time miley has made the trip down to texas.
last time craig came too, so it made it a little easier.

her and duke semi-played with each other.
mostly they just tease each other.
miley loves to look out's her thing.
always gotta know what's going on around her.
                                     miley even managed to teach duke a cool new trick.
turns out a dog can fit into the window sill for a much better view of the birds and squirrels.
of course there was some much needed sunning action as well.
before i left we hit this place.
it is the first time i have had mexican food since the last time i was in texas and nearly died from food poisoning.
the fact that there were lots of people eating in there, made me feel better about it.
and the fact, that it wasn't a trailer/shack on the side of the road helped a bit also.
one last picture of me and t before miley and i jetted back to kanas.
thanks for a fun and awesome weekend tonya, sean & duke! know what i think of you and your dirty little trick!
(i'm never leaving you in charge of miley again!)


  1. Looks like a fun trip! I admire your self-control at the flea market. You're my hero!

  2. The five great kiddos and I want to know what kind of dog Miley is. She's so cute.
    Oh, it's a good thing I wasn't with you because that Keep Calm sign and a few of those others would have been mine.

  3. Oh man was totally at canton that weekend! I live about 25 min away so I go every chance I get! I totally agree with the prices though... That's why unspent most of my time now in the fueled with the smaller shod/sellers... There is pure gold out there for cheap ( or you ca haggle to get it cheap!). Anywhoo I'll be doing a post about my finds tomorrow! :)

  4. I love that Blue vanity unit, its so lovely! - i dont get the middle bit infront of the mirror though, is it a seat, or a shelf? lol xx

  5. Ahh, Canton. I just never think of it as a "flea market" because there is so much NEW stuff there these days. Love it though - I'm going in April. Canton is never fun in June, July or August - talk about hot and stinky b.o. from people ;)

  6. I love your friends cute. Glad you had a fun weekend!

  7. bummer dude.
    but that mexican food looks amazing.
    i'm hungry!

  8. I love Canton! Glad you had a good visit in our great state.


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