Wednesday, December 15, 2010

this is why i LOVE my honda.

because it can fit a 6 foot 2 inch long awesome flea market find perfectly!

any longer and it would probably be in someone else' home
we had to take a couple of the feet off, drop the seats, push the passenger seat into the dash board, make tonya ride backwards and laying down, but hey, it was totally worth it!
i had to seat belt the front seat back so i could see out of the side mirror...the rear view was completely blocked.
when the four guys finished loading it, tonya tried to figure out how she was gonna ride home since there were no seats available.
we were laughing so hard, a woman came over to see what was so funny.
she took one look at tonya and started laughing too.
she said she had made her friend ride home with a screen door on her head once.
this is how i drove back to kansas...
i think i made 2 lane changes the whole way back...and never drove over the speed limit!
the things we do for bargains.
and it was a BIG BARGAIN! $85 bucks.
and it was exactly the size i needed for the back of my breakfast nook.
it was like it was made just for that space.
and i desperately needed some extra storage space for big platters and stuff you don't use that often but don't wanna have to store in the basement.

i wasn't fond of the criss crossy things on the knobs, so i took them off.
much better with out.
everyone who has seen it, can't believe it really fit into my cr-v.
i almost can't believe it either.

since i had limited space, i only came home with a few more things.
all the gold, will eventually be white.
i finally found a vintage cake plate with a cover i could afford.
and the rest of the stuff is Christmas gifts,
so i can't show you.


  1. I think a better title would be "why I love my friend". I don't know anyone that would do that for me.
    That is a lovely piece to be sure and a good bargain at that. I can't believe how perfectly it fit in that corner. Honestly, a half an inch more and it wouldn't have fit. Lucky you.

  2. But it wasn't lucky for her husband and neighbor who had to unload it, carry it inside, then carefully slide it back into the breakfast nook without damaging the floor or walls. They must be super strong since it took four to load it and two to do everything else.

  3. that couldn't have been any better of a fit!?!!
    holy cow amy.
    did you have measurements?

  4. I seriously love that bit of furniture!
    Its the sort of thing i would do to get it home as well... haha either that or send my friend home on the train! :)

  5. Ya, thank goodness for my super strong master. He and the super strong husband.


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