Wednesday, December 1, 2010

st. kitts wrap up.

sorry about the gap in vacation postings...
my excuse is the holidays.
ya, that's it.

black friday.
putting up Christmas lights.
nascar party...ya i know that's a little out of the ordinary.
i guess i'm an official redneck since i placed 9th out of 80 some people in a nascar pool.
i was actually really don't judge!

ok..the vacay wrap up.

we spent the last 2 days chillin by the beach and the pool.
we just wanted to RELAX and do nothing.

 in case you want to hear the ocean...

you never know what your gonna find on the beach.
we found this coconut and tonya whacked it open.
i tried it first.
i had to run to the bathroom and spit it out.
i'm gonna guess it wasn't ripe, cause it was terrible!
luckily i was able to wash it down with the local brew.
tonya did a little water aerobics before we left...
i did not.  :)
we packed our stuff, grabbed a cab, said goodbye to paradise, and headed for the airport.
 the airport is tiny and it was packed full.
craig and i flew to miami and spent the night.
i nearly froze to death in miami!
seriously it was soo cold and i've decided that i dislike that airport very much.
i think we walked 2 miles just to get to customs...bleh.
we spent the night near the airport and left bright and early the next morning back to kansas via dallas.
it was way warmer in kansas than it was in florida...totally unexpected but very welcome.
well, that's it.
all done.
no more.
the end.
for real.

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