Thursday, December 23, 2010

at this moment i am....

watching:  miracle on 34th st.  (the original) 
eating: red velvet cookies.
drinking : hot cocoa.

wearing : pink snowflake pajama pants,  a fuzzy shirt and slippers.

feeling : relaxed and cozy.

weather : freezing rain falling from the sky.

wanting : more evenings like this, minus the freezing rain.

needing : to be asleep.

thinkingi have a million things to do tomorrow.

enjoying : snuggling with my miley dog.

wondering:  if my house could some how clean itself!



  1. If it does clean itself, tell it to teach our house how to do it.

  2. Well, I offered to clean up the mess Duke made...

    My house cleans itself, every other Friday! BEST THING EVER!!!

  3. i like tonya's way of cleaning mind is tues's. sorry baby girl!


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