Thursday, December 2, 2010

not today.

you know your day is going to be bad when a horrible crashing noise wakes you up
one hour before your alarm goes off.
i wasn't sure if i had dreamed it or if something had really happened.
i only made it half way down the stairs to realize i wasn't dreaming.

take a beautiful white Christmas tree.
sprinkle in some shiny ornaments and lights.
then add  a cat.

and this is what you get.

the douglass family Christmas tree tragedy of 2010.


just what i wanted to do this morning!

 pre-crazy cat:
after crazy cat:
i couldn't i cleaned it up and put it all away.
maybe when i get my sanity back i will think about putting it back up and duck taping it to the wall.
or maybe that was the cat.


  1. I vote for duct taping the cat to the wall. I hate cats.

  2. The problem was the cat didn't like the white tree. He's telling you to get a green one.

  3. Reason #9578 not to own a cat. Sorry to see your tree in that condition.

  4. I never really liked white Christmas trees, guess your cat didn't like it either.
    But your white tree is..or..was beautiful :)
    put it up again don't give up and about the cat well umm... I guess Susan's idea is great! :P

  5. BOO!! We had to bring our cat inside during the cold temps and I have yet to decide upon tree placement for this very reason. We may get a shorty tree and put it up on the table behind the sofa. At least then it'd be in the bay window and visible from the outside.

    And require less work. ;)

    I love cats. Even though I wouldn't be opposed to taping mine to a wall every now and then. But the same could be said for kids and dogs...

    I hope you decide to put your tree back up...the glowing white of it was different and pretty.

  6. P.S. How funny - two comments from Kori/Corey's today. :)

  7. Henry says to shoot it!!


i heart comments!!