Tuesday, December 14, 2010

girls weekend.

a couple weekends ago i headed back down to dallas for a girls weekend with my bestie tonya.
i love it that we don't let a 6 hour car ride keep us from getting together fairly often.
since tonya's hubby sean is working in london for a couple months, craig stayed home.

so it was just the girls! 

we crammed a ton of stuff into the weekend.
and trust me, there was never a dull moment!
i don't think i have laughed so hard and so much like that in a long time.

we started the weekend off with a trip to my favorite flea market, first monday's
the weather was awesome for december...70 degrees!
when i left kansas, it was barely 30.
as always, the market was packed with amazing stuff.
 they always have the best Christmas stuff.
so, so pretty.
so, so out of my price range.
each piece was $30.  eeks.
i am totally making one of these pillows.
along with a big a & c.
 i should of just bought this...
you would think i would have learned by now. 
if you love it that much, and it's reasonable in price, buy it.

on saturday we headed down to the harry hines district in downtown dallas.
totally rad stores during the day,
totally shady at night.
we hit all the fabric stores so tonya could find some curtain fabrics.
if you can't find it here..they don't make it!
we worked up a big appetite and decided to check out this little taco hut across the street.

a word to the wise...
if you are ever on harry hines and come across this taco shack.
immediately turn around and run! 
run, run, run!
i don't think whatever they were serving could even be classified as food.
i will spare you the details so you won't hurl all over your keyboard, but let me just say
that the words "pork knuckle & burrito" should never be used together.

moving on...
after a lot of gum chewing (haha tonya!) we checked out some consignment stores in the area.
this one even has a blog. 
click here to check it out.
tonya came home with this sparkly Christmas tree.
there were so many neat stores in that area.
we will definitely be going back when we have more time.

later that evening we caught up with some friends and headed out on the town.
we started with dessert first.
hello, you had me at red velvet.
oh my, was it ever yummy!
we then headed down to the bishop arts district.
they had it all decked out for the holidays. 
we had some fun in the vintage clothing shop.
all the stores were serving snacks and drinks...
i found this jewelry Christmas tree in the vintage store.
i need to make one of these too.
we hung out in the chocolate store sampling goodies.
we had dinner at a fancy restaurant.
and then finished the night off the way we started, with more dessert.
 you realize there's 1000 calories for just looking at it, right?
 the army men crack me up.

to work off all that dessert, we headed back to the flea market on sunday.
a cold front had moved in and this time we had to bust out the coats, hats, scarves and mittens!
but that has never stopped us before!
we are (i am) die hard shoppers!

wait until you see what i brought home with me...


  1. How would you feel about a drive to Colorado? Mannnn....I need a cool bestie like you. I bet you could find all the fun places here in Colorado too.

  2. I came over from Meg's blog and had to check out this post as I live in the Dallas area. I've been to Canton lots of times. I remember that booth with the chandelier on the black dresser and those fun suitcases. I thought it was one of the most original booths this time. It seemed like so many of them were selling the same things they've been selling for quite a while. Where was the booth with that huge Rejoice? Cool!

    Have you guys been to Junkadoodle on Lovers Lane? Always fun, especially at Christmas. Across the street is the yummy Celebrations.

    What fancy restaurant did you eat at and where oh where did that army man dessert come from and what is it?

    Have you been to Stephen Pyles? Big thumbs up!

    Rise no. 1 at Inwood and Lovers? Another big thumbs up.

    duly noted on the taco shop. Thanks. Kelly

  3. One of these days I need to hitch a ride with you or give you some $ to spend for me!!

  4. Looks like fun.

    and the blonde woman looks like my 6th grade gym teacher.. mrs broadhagen.. just sayin :)

    love you <3

  5. i really think mary and i should go to texas next time so we can experience buying some great bargains... after i de clutter (: (with your help de cluttering and have a big sale.) mom


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