Friday, December 10, 2010

the douglass family Christmas tree... take 2

remember this?
personally, i would like to forget it.
but it is what it is.
so after i yelled, cried, & threatened to forget the tree this year..
(and tape the cat to the wall)
i caved. 
sort of.
i benched the white tree and brought in "old faithful".
he has played the game for years and has never, NEVER been knocked down.
sure, he's not that glistening pearly white...but he's a lovely shade of green, lots skinnier and more stable.
...and stable is what i need right now people!
and just to ease my mind a little more, i may have secured him to the window latch with some fishing twine.
do you blame me??
trust me, it was easier than taping a cat to the wall.
and i have to say, i was a little shocked by the number of people that voted for that option!
in all fairness to the cat, the white tree only had 3 little feet on it's tree stand.
a Christmas mouse could of knocked it over... mmm maybe?
last year, this ornament was placed waaaay in the back because they were so terrible.
this year, it is smack dab in the front, because they are so awesome!!!!
last year i asked santa for a winning season...the chubby elf totally came through.  woo hoo!

miley has been keeping an eye on that cat, to make sure she stays away from the tree.
she's not taking any chances that her ornament might get broke.
if this tree falls, that's it.
no more.
i don't care if the 3rd time is a charm.
it's not happening.

take 1                                                                                    
take 2
the end.


  1. Both trees are beautiful. Way to go Miley...what a watchdog!
    I love Miley's sweater, it's so cute.

  2. We (Diesel , Vincent and i) all agree the 2nd tree looks alot more festive. Its lovely!!!!


  3. i like the sock snowman ornament!!!!


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