Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas wrap up.

opening gifts with my side of the family.
 my parents.
he scored on the under armour.

miley was having a great time with her new cousin izzy.
what's Christmas without a snuggie?
i think everyone who wears them, looks like monks.
a quick family photo of my brothers brood before we took off for our next destination.
it would've been nice if i had noticed the childs head growing out of my brothers before i took the picture...

we spent the next few days with craigs family.
 our ring a college man.
miley is grandpa's designated kitchen helper.
aka..the pre-rinser
we had brunch at a B & B just outside of town.
the food was wonderful, but the best part were these guys.
 lewis the 6 month old miniature donkey.
 some very furry cows...
 lewis looked just like donkey from shrek!  he loved to chase the sheep and show off his bucking skills.
a red chippy barn...
it would look really nice in my back yard.

we had a very good Christmas...lot's of food, family and fun.
and now i'm looking forward to an even better 2011.
one that hopefully includes the chiefs in the superbowl.



  1. Good times...
    It was funny to see three different team logos going on. I think we had The Huskers, Green Bay and The Chiefs...did I miss someone?
    I love that Miley was helping with the dishes, can I borrow her?

  2. i would of loved going to the B & B with you guys!! where is it at?


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