Friday, December 3, 2010

toffee crack does not like me.

ever since julie made her famous toffee crack for meg and i in california, i have been trying to make it.

it has become very clear that God does not want me to make, let alone eat, toffee crack.

6 attempts.
1 perfect batch.
1 semi-ok batch.
4 major fails.

attempt #1
i forgot to line the pan.
i had to chisel it off.
toffee crack was being flung all over my kitchen.
no bueno!

attempt #2
i lined the pan, but used reg wax paper instead of the non-stick kind.
apparently i cannot follow directions.

i tried really hard to peel it off just so i could have a tiny bite, i gave up and threw it all in the trash.
no bueno!

attempt #3
this time i had the right pan liner (parchment paper) but burnt the sugar and butter.
i filled the house with smoke and had to open the windows when it was 20 degrees outside.
it was a nasty, sticky (cold) mess.
it resembled the gulf oil spill.
no bueno!

attempt #4
perfect toffee crack!

it took four attempts to get it right.
i took this batch up to craig's parents house for thanksgiving.
everyone loved it.
i didn't hide the fact that it hated me.
there was a few pieces left to take home...i forgot it in the fridge.
no bueno!

attempt #5
burnt it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's the stove, it's got to be the stove!

attempt #6
i didn't burn it, it did stick a little, it didn't taste like the perfect batch.
but it was edible and everyone ate it and liked it.
it doesn't take a lot to please a group of nascar fans though.

maybe it's time to walk away for a while...
goodbye toffee crack.
maybe someday we could be friends.
i would like that.


  1. Oh Amy, I feel for ya. I KNOW the secret though. This is going to sound odd, but what is your weather like right now? If it's cold, rainy, cloudy, or isn't a good time to make this. Trust me...I'm the queen of toffee. In the beginning, I failed at it just exactly as many times as I succeeded at it. I have finally mastered it. I make toffee every year, but I wait for a nice day. Granted it's winter, but wait until it's sunny. Here are some other tips. Stir only in one direction, use tin foil to line your pan and butter it. I wish I lived near you, we'd hang out with the crack until we got it right.

  2. Amy! That's so funny!

    I make toffee all the time and have never had problems! I can't understand how a good cook like you can burn sugar that badly. :)


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