Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it was worth it.

 i've been looking for some leather recliners for my living room.
i didn't want them to look like recliners though.
i wanted them to look more like chairs.
i found the perfect one too...only one problem.

they were online and the closest place to see them in person was 3 hours away.
i just couldn't order something that big & expensive without trying it out first.
and...they were half price, but no one could tell me how long the sale was going to last.
i mean  really, NO ONE KNOWS????  come on!!
so i felt a little pressure to get there quick.
my hubby had to work, and i didn't want to drive up there all by myself,
so...i took my friends teenage daughter jordann with me.
we had lots of fun...but man did she make me feel old.
she clicked on one of my cd's for some music and went
"who's this old guy?"  WHAT!!!!
she didn't know who john cougar mellencamp was.  UGH!!

so, after driving 3 HOURS to sit in my pretty chair, this is what we find
when we get there.

seriously, he would not leave!!!
he was sitting with someone else discussing room measurements and other nonsense.
i wanted to walk up to him and kick him out...because i just drove 3 HOURS, and he
wasn't even interested in the chair, he just needed a place to sit!
we meandered around him like a couple of circling vultures...waiting & waiting.
we tried out every chair around him, thinking he might get the hint. 
ya. no. he didn't.
FINALLY he left and we swooped in.
YEAH!!!! it was comfy and just what i wanted...except the color.

they only had the chocolate on display.
but that's ok, i knew i could order it in the color i wanted.
and for some weird reason, it was even cheaper online than ordering them
through the store.  go figure!
i was so happy that it was just what i had been looking for and that
i hadn't driven a total of 6 hours just to be disappointed.

during our long wait, we browsed through the gazillions of pillows they had.

typical teenager...they can sleep anywhere.

we decided on these super duper crazy soft ones.

it's nice to have someone to carry around all your goods for you :)
then we headed out for some much needed food.
so we ended up here.

i had never eaten at one of these before,
now i know what i have been missing all this time.
the food was awesome, and beside the fact that the waiter at
the next table dropped a whole stack of dirty dishes on the floor,
(BIG crashing noise) 
i would totally eat there again!!
it's kinda dark in there though...i really didn't care for that.
i prefer to see what i am eating actually. 
of course there is plenty of light at the front to see all this.

and this.  

it was screaming my name, but i was sooo full,
i had to bring half of my food home with me.
before we got there, she kept telling me about their "chocolate bread"
i was thinking yuck!
then i saw it.
"uhm jordann, that is not chocolate bread"
she said, "i know, it just looks like chocolate." 
because it is dark brown, she calls it chocolate.
whatever it was though...she was right,
it was good!!

on the drive home the sky looked like this.

so pretty.
almost blinding it was so pink and orange.
when i got home i immediately got online and ordered my chairs.
thank goodness they were still on sale.
i think i would of surely cried screamed at the top of my lungs if i had gotten home and they weren't still on sale.
that's usually how my luck goes.
thankfully it worked out.
now, i just have to wait FOUR long, torturous weeks for them to show up at my door!


    i love it.
    Yeah, it was fun. Like i said,
    we gotta go shopping black friday together(:

    how do you like your pillows?
    i love mine, (im too scared to use it tho)

    <3 you

  2. chocolate cake looks so yummy i can taste it! if you get your chairs by Christmas bet you want to show them off and HAVE Christmas at your house, right???(:
    love, Mom

  3. How FUN!!

    I've only eaten at Cheesecake Factory one time (in Vegas) and got food poisoning. Haha! Not a good memory. But I'm sure that was just a chance thing and their food is normally fantastic.

  4. It's difficult to pick something to eat there the menu is SOOOO big....well and the portions too.

  5. i can't believe you've never been to cheescake?!
    i'm so glad you didn't go alone. next time take lauren...please. :)
    actually she would be fine if it were just you and not me too.

    i can't wait to see your chairs...maybe we'll need some too.


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