Tuesday, November 17, 2009

heart 2 heart.

seeing this sign all lit up, brought back lots
of fun memories.

this was the only theater we had growing up
in our small town.
we went almost every saturday morning to watch
the free saturday movies they ran
during the summer.

it stopped showing movies and closed down
years & years ago. 
the last few years a group came together 
and reopened it...but not just for movies.
it hosts concerts, benefits, plays 
and lots of other things.
it is where the 
melodrama was performed.
they didn't put it on the sign though. :(

it was really great.
...and funny.
of course it was...my hubby was in it!
ok, ok, so maybe i'am a little biased,
nothing wrong with that, right?
he did a great job, and so did
everyone else who participated,
like our...former neighbor,
my old high school teacher,
lots of friends.
and even the parking nazi!!!
remember him? 

craig played a very convincing "snot nosed kid"
complete with chronic allergies,
and a squeaky little kids voice.
and i am making absolutely sure that the outfit
he had to wear will never see the light of day

it seemed to be a full house, so hopefully a lot
of money was raised.
i hope so.
it helps so many children.
children right here, in our county & surrounding areas.

children who are victims.
victims of very horrific things.

it's depressing that a town of our size has the need
for such a center, but i am grateful that we do.

it helped just under 200 children last year alone.

i am glad that my husband has the ability & willingness to help
these children in so many ways.
i know it has to be tough for him....
to hear kids tell their stories,  first hand.
but he does it.
because it's his job.
and he cares.
and that's one of the many reasons why
i love him so much.

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  1. Awh, that so nice of him.
    & i can just see him, dressed and acting like a little kid !


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