Sunday, November 1, 2009

wild halloween fun.

halloween turned out to be a little on the wild side this year.

 "where the wild things are"....they were on my porch.  how fun is that!

susan went to a lot of work this year.

she made a far-out hippie, with the cutest little frog by her side.

i was tinkerbelle...but you can just call me tink :)

every tinkerbelle needs a frog by her side too...
and every frog needs a miley to try and steal his sucker.

miley gave out lots of tricks rather than treats.
i don't know how many kids ended up getting ambush kisses,
but it was more than a few.
one little girl just kept kissing her back.
it was pretty cute.

the weather was great this year.
thanks goodness, because i wasn't sure how i was going to winterize my tink outfit.

even 100 pounds of glitter doesn't keep you warm.
and yes, as i predicted...everything in my house has glitter on it now.
even my laptop keyboard is glimmering as i type this.
at least no matter how dusty things get, they will always sparkle!

here are some of my cute...and funny (just wait) trick or treaters.

cutest daphne ever...poor scooby got left at home.

and check out this adorable candy corn witch.

sweet katie and her momma would come and walk miley
when we were in maine.
speaking of miley....

(seriously, what did i do to deserve this?)

(umm, does this lobster make me look fat?)

my favorite little farm girls showed up like this.

what a combo...joe dirt and a pretty purple witch.
joe dirt was sporting a killer mullet.
"business in the in the back"
(her words!!!)
the little witches skirt had flashing lights in it.
it was cool!!

here's some of the neighborhood gang.

that little giraffe i'm holding is our newest neighbor baby, gretchen jane.
i didn't want to give her back, cause she was so warm and snuggly
(sean: ghoul, annie: a very fierce lion, lawson: cowboy,
sophie: witch, talby: witch, london: yoda, jenn: witch)
here's that ornery red headed cowboy.

he was ready to go rope him up some candy!

my jack-o-lanterns literally took 10 minutes.

i always have to have a spooky looking one.

my dad thought this one was supposed to look like it
had a head injury...
i was like, umm it's a mummy pumpkin.
he was like..oh, now i see it.
(it must be the paramedic in him)

i hope everyone had a super halloween.

...and i hope you all remembered to set your clocks back.
as much as i enjoy the extra hour,
i would rather just keep it the way it is.
i can't stand it getting dark at 5...ugh!


  1. Great pictures - it was a fun night

  2. How cute! Love the Tinker Bell Costume. Love the Wild Things too. How did Susan make that? Did Tim and the boys make it over? Adah conked out in the wagon before 7:00 hit, so I was home with her.

  3. Awh, cute story (:
    Ugh, i feel you about it getting dark at 5 !
    I'm already tired!

  4. Amy, those are so cute!! Love that last picture of your shadow.


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