Sunday, November 15, 2009

i am ready.

did you see this on my sidebar?

the talented julie at joyshope is hosting
a scarf along tutorial.
so you will have no excuses for
not having handmade 
christmas gifts this year. 

i have gathered all my supplies.
i finally had an excuse to buy a rotary cuter and
self healing mat board.
...and i used julie's advice and printed off a 40% off
hobby lobby coupon  for the pricey mat board.

i got even luckier when my friend tina s. called to tell me
that the fabric shop at the outlet mall had their
fat quarters for $1 each.

and score i did, look at my fabulous bundle of fabrics!!

 tina is doing the scarf along also, so we each picked out 2 sets of fabrics.
(there were so many cute fabrics that we had a tough time choosing)
 we will end up making 16 scarves each.
 i will give her 2 of mine, and she will give me 2 of hers.
and the rest will be gifts.  YEAH!!  
i am just hoping that zig zag stitches are not a requirement,
because my 60's model sewing machine has only made
straight stitches ever since it came back from being serviced.

so....are you gonna scarf along too?
you should.
it will be fun.

i promise!!!!


  1. I am looking for a craft to do this year but I'm not sure about the scarves.

  2. I have been thinking about doing some scarves this year and I have plenty of fabric to do it with!! You will love that mat & cutter - I use mine all the time!

  3. I am doing this also! but I can't decide what material to use. I better make a decision.


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