Thursday, November 19, 2009

treasure bag.

i found this hodge podge bag at the thrift store.

i have been resisting the chance to break it open
and dump it into a big tray.
just from what i can see on the looks divine.
i am saving it...for a rainy....umm, snowy day i guess.
when i need want something fun to do.
it looks like the "gift that just keeps on giving"
name that movie.....:)

i can see so many possibilities just with what i can
see from the outside...i'm hoping the inside is just as good!
i hope it's not a big fat letdown.

like just a big piece of wadded up paper or something,

that wouldn't be any fun.
and i need fun.
cause this getting dark business at 5 o'clock 
is really getting old.
and it's making me cranky.
so i better stop.
for now.
i should put on some christmas music 
and put up the christmas tree.
(it's not too early right?)

and then pop some popcorn and watch a little
christmas vacation.
ya, that's what i'm gonna do!!

see ya soon!

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  1. The kids saw your Christmas tree through the window the other night and were so excited! But I like that you have the tree inside and pumpkins and corn still outside. :)


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