Friday, November 6, 2009

hobby lobby hurts my a good way.

does this ever happen to you....
you walk into hobby lobby and immediately you feel overwhelmed?
i never know where to start first.
i never seem to have a plan for what i really need...which is VERY dangerous :)
the christmas stuff seemed crazy this was everywhere.

they have SO MUCH merchandise, it makes you want to scream.
in a good way of course.

i always seem to be drawn to anything peppermint looking.
maybe it's because i was a candy cane in a play when i was little.
maybe it's because it's red & white and looks like giant candy. :)
it was like i was in a super happy peppermint candy store.
like willy wonka...but no chocolate, just peppermints!

seriously could you ever decide.
they make it  I M P O S S I B L E  !!!!! 
but my mouth seemed quite minty fresh after i left that isle.

i loved the silver isle too.

and the black one.
i really wanted these trees....really bad.
but they weren't on sale.  boo hoo.

but this was...

so it happily made it's way into my cart, then my car, then my house.
btw...this is just a figure of speech, i don't want it to snow!
it had so much glitter on it, that i'm sure i left a glittery trail
all the way from the store to my house.
i kinda have a thing for glitter, if ya haven't noticed.
everything just looks  100 times better with glitter.
it's glitterific!!!
trust me, if i could find a way to glitter up my blog i would...i'm still looking for a glitter widget, surely it has to exist!!!

if hobby lobby can have this many ornaments. (this is only one isle of like 5)
then there has to be a widget that sprinkles glitter all over your blog.

i will find it.
i will.

until then, it's back to the crazy ornament isle.
when i saw this one, i immediately thought of my neighbor meg .

cute mini cupcakes with sprinkles on a tiny little tray.
it's totally right up her alley.

and these little police cars were cute too,  ya know, if you aren't a criminal.

and these giant snowflakes...just the way i like them.  FAKE!!

cause, snowflakes = snow, which  = cold, and  we all know that amy does not like cold.
i've been really happy lately that we've been having wonderful weather around here.
would it be too much to ask for it to stick around, let's say, til spring??
but it never hurts to ask.


  1. cute decorations...but Mom loves snow....sorry baby girl!!


  2. i DO like that ornament! you know me so well.
    i love hobby an addiction. when i used to be the craft coordinator at our moms group i knew every inch of the store.

    what were you looking for? :)


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