Monday, November 23, 2009

the dog who blogs: did you miss me?

miley mae douglass

i have the bestest family
and the bestest friends.
follow my blog every
monday and see the world
through my big brown eyes.

did you miss me last week??
i missed all of you....i did, i did!
sorry about the no post, but my computer privileges got revoked.
you didn't think that was possible??
ya, me either.
believe me, that is filed away for future reference.
i can't really go into specifics...
but it had something to do with that cat.
and sharing.
and this computer.
enough of that business, lets move on to what i did last week.

the weather has been perfect for taking long walks.

and really people...anytime is a good time to take my momma walking.
i really wish she could keep up with me sometimes.
why do you think i clip that string to my collar? it's so she can follow me,
and so she doesn't get lost.
don't let her fool's totally my idea!

we also went here.

A LOT!!!
there's one really nice lady that always brings me out a tator tot.
i can't figure out why i can't get one with cheese though.
i must work on that.
i will add it to my list.

oh and speaking of lists...
i learned how to use microsoft word.
it makes it a whole lot easier to keep track of my activities.

            1. chase cat.
            2. run around back yard / chase squirrels.
            3. take momma walking.
            4. pester cat.
            5. happy hour. (tator tot with cheese please.)
            6.  nap
            7. steal cat treats.
            8. blog
            9. pose pretty for pictures.
           10. email bacon.

you get the picture...lot's to do!

well i better sign off for now if i'm gonna make any progress on that list.
plus i have spanish lesson to get to.
i think i'm gonna start with number 1 & 4 when i get back.
adios amigo's!


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