Saturday, November 21, 2009

christiane's closet.

thanks to the sometimes annoying facebook.
...and by annoying, i mean when it decides to act wonky and won't do what i want.
i found a really cool clothing and accessory store.

it's my favorite kind too.
second hand.
this one is a little different than your normal second hand store though.
it carries nothing but upscale clothing barely used condition.
so don't go expecting a $5 pair of jeans, or a purse for a couple of bucks.
they only carry the good stuff....and i found lots of of it!
i figured if i was going to have them as a friend on facebook, i should
probably go check it out.
and i'm soo glad i did.

this is the bathroom...i figured there was no need to show you the toliet & sink.
my guess is that you know that if it's a bathroom they have to be in there somewhere.
it's a multi-tasking bathroom...shoe shopping while taking a potty break :)

the store is in a quaint little old house in the "green elephant village."
(which is a cluster of old houses with cool shops in wichita, near central & hillside)

it was all decorated up for the holidays with the cutest stuff.

it was full of sparkle.  which made me giddy!!

i fell in  L.O.V.E. with this bracelet.
it sooo was coming home with me.

these shoes would of come home with me too...if they had been the right size.

i could just imagine them with a pair of jeans....
i tried to make them fit, but it just wasn't happening.
i must have left my magic wand in my other purse.

they had some of the most amazing jewelry...
i think i may have drooled a bit.

i only wish i had somewhere fabulous to wear this.

not in newton...heck, probably not in kansas either.
so cal maybe???
definitely so cal.
i should just go buy it and hop on a plane.

oh don't happen to be a size 9 do ya?

they had so many cute clothes.
fun clothes.
clothes i would never be able to afford otherwise.
one of my shirts still had the original tag on it even.
it was from white house / black market.

the original tag was $89.
i would NEVER pay that much for one shirt. EVER.
no matter how cute it was.
( i heard you laughing  T :)
i got it for $27 bucks.  woo hoo!!
that was the most expensive thing i bought...
most items i bought were around $10.
check out some of my other bargains.

a very cute stretchy bill blass jacket.
that's the only way i will buy a has to have some stretch to it.
i don't want to feel like i'm in a straight jacket all day....or i might just end up in one.

i realized when i got home that this sweater was from ESPRIT.

wow...i think the last time i had something in my closet with that brand on it,
i was in high school.  eeks!
ya, i obviously don't get out much :)
i didn't care who made it...i loved it.

and look at the cute sack sweet brenda bagged all my stuff in.

all i can say is C.U.T.E.
the bag.
the clothes.
the shoes.
the jewelry.
the purses.
the hats.
the decor.
and super friendly to boot!
i even got a 50% off coupon for the next time i shop.
which will be very soon.
thanks christiane's closet for being my friend.
now, quit reading this...and go shop!!


  1. take me there please. :)
    and i am an 8 or 8.5...but maybe they ran small and that's why they are there!! worth a try!

  2. I want to go next time up there to visit!!

  3. wished i was skinny like i was yrs ago i could go for this shop!!


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