Tuesday, November 10, 2009

our block rocks!!

last weekend we had our annual fall block party.

the weather was absolutely beautiful.
it was november and these guys were barefoot and in shortsAWESOME!!!

we block off the street so all the kids can play and ride bikes.

we had lots of wonderful fall foods.

taco soup, corn chowder, potato soup, tortilla soup, chicken noodle & spiced wine.
not to mention lots of yummy desserts.
we used styrofoam cups for the soups, so we could try them all.

unfortunately because of last weeks time change, it got dark pretty quick,
and we didn't get in our annual mini pumpkin launching.
we said we should of painted them with glow in the dark paint so we still could of done it.
next year for sure!
we had no problem seeing the kids when it got dark though.
they were all full of glow sticks.

we had a great time discussing all the fun things about living in our neighborhood.

like the fact that you can buy meat out of someone's trunk,  (rita, i'm still a little disturbed by that!)
or have a complete stranger come a prepare a salad for you...right in your own kitchen.
we laughed and laughed about all sorts of crazy things...i nearly fell out of
my chair a few times, just from people's stories. 

i love the fact that we can all sit smack dab in the middle of the street, light a fire and
talk the night away.
in november.
and not freeze.

it was a great time.
the kids roasted burned marshmallows over the fire.

at one point we all thought it must be ten o'clock at least....
turns out it was only six thirty.
then when it really was ten o'clock, we couldn't figure out where the time went.
we had a wonderful time....but really missed the thomas and the williams families.
they weren't being snobs...some were sick and others had other family commitments.
so we let it slide....this time :)
i am so grateful for such wonderful neighbors and the fact that we all love
to come together and throw these awesome block parties.
i can't imagine living in a place where no one knows each other....
that just wouldn't be any fun!!
and around here...WE ARE DEFINITELY ABOUT FUN!!!


  1. Amen, sista! Mind if I steal some of your pictures? I didn't get very many of my own.

  2. it was AWESOME. so relaxing.
    but i already have big ideas for next year.
    can't wait!

  3. dad and i are coming next year you're having too much fun on harrison st!!! hahaha...love,mom


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