Saturday, November 7, 2009


today is our neighborhood fall block party.  woo hoo!!
yesterday i spent part of the day cooking and baking for it.
which has left my kitchen a disaster.

doing the dishes is a yucky job.
even with a dishwasher, it's one of my non-favorite things to do.
AND because we have mandatory recycling, i have to clean out all the cans too.
i get it...i like to be somewhat GREEN, but i really hate washing out cans.
and really, just how much am i really being green,
if i'm wasting all that water washing out cans.  huummm.
maybe i can magically make all those dishes disappear since i'm
wearing my tinkerbell shoes with my cute apron.

i'm a messy baker, so the apron's a must.
speaking of baking....i made pumpkin caramel cookies.
i can't stand the taste of pumpkin, which is precisely why i made them.
cause i won't eat what i don't like.  :)

i'm gonna be lazy and just give ya a link to the recipe.... RIGHT HERE!!

i made my dad and hubby try them out since i wouldn't.
they said they liked them...i hope they weren't just being nice and they really do taste ok.

i am also making the worlds best potato soup (according to me anyway) too.
it's called  "terrific potato soup"  and it is terrific, i promise!!
i won't be so lazy this time.
i will actually give you the recipe.
plus, i didn't get it online.
so i can't be lazy and just give you a link, like before.
here ya go.
terrific potato soup.
5 lbs potatoes diced up 
1 family size cream of chicken soup
i family size swanson chicken broth
1 small onion-diced (i have to practically puree mine though, to hide them
from my onion hating hubby)
tsp each of salt and pepper.  
throw all of this in your crockpot and set to low all day.
(...or crank it up to high, if you are a little short on time :)
this is what it will look like at this stage.

then, 45 min prior to serving (this is what makes it fabulous btw)
add in
1 pkg cream cheese-softened   oohhhh 
1/2 block of velveeta cheese     ahhhh 
1 lb crumbled bacon (i buy the pre-cooked and throw it in the mini chopper)
stir, baby stir. 

 if you really want to impress people, serve it in a bread bowl.
or not.

let me guess...your waiting to see a picture of the finished soup?
sorry, not gonna happen.  
at least not today.

i'll show when i post the actual block party pics.  
i have bigger and better things to do right now anyway.
like seeing how far these babies will fly, 
for our pumpkin launching activity. 

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  1. your potato soup looks yummy guess you won't want Mom and Dad's when your sick? Can't wait to hear about the block party!



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