Tuesday, October 12, 2010

good times.

last weekend we were invited out to our friends farm for dinner.
it's where the tiny donkey's live.
i was once again denied tiny donkey ownership by my hubby.

it was a gorgeous fall evening, perfect for catching up with old friends.
old friends who live in rainy seattle, but were visiting family in kansas.
craig and dave have known each other since the fourth grade.
they see each other about every 5 years.
we need to change that...
they still throw out random quotes about goofy things.
dave and his wife bonnie, have 3 beautiful kiddos, who got to spend some time with their kansas cousins.
they were frog hunting down by the pond.
i guess that's an official frog grabber?

there was a little fishing going on too.
so sweet....
little davey saw i was taking pictures and ran right up and gave his cousin a big hug!
i can't believe this is the only picture i have of bonnie...and i have none of krissy, karla, alden, bill or joan...
 i was photog slacking i guess.

this was in the smoker all day.
it smelled soooo good...
and tasted even better.
i love carry-in dinners where everyone brings something to share.
there is always a wide range of homemade goodness.
not to mention a giant sized barrel of cheese puffs. :)
this was my plate...i filled it up twice.
home baked bread with honey butter...and pickles that karla grew and canned.
(they were hiding under the bread)   ..mmmm.  mmmm.
there was so much good food,
so much good conversation and catching up.
we had such a great time with all of you!
i wish they were closer...maybe someday??

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  1. What kind of man won't let his city living wife have tiny donkeys?! That's just wrong.

    Looks like a fun and delicious day!


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