Saturday, October 23, 2010

random randomness.

its always exciting to see happy mail on the front porch.
it was from another blogger that i did a halloween swap with.
it was loaded!
 her 3 yr old made homemade doggy treats for miley and sent her a festive collar.
she gave both a "paws up"
this is what i sent her.

i decided it was time to update my profile pic.
i wore my 31 bits jewelry from meg's party

found this at dollar tree.
it didn't is awesome.

miss marley has stayed here a couple of times over the last couple weeks.
one morning i rolled over to find her next to me in bed.
of course i didn't have the heart to kick her out.
so it will be my fault if she tries it at home.

not so happy mail.
really?  again??  ugh???

my 7 yr old cat finally purred for the first time.
she sounded like she had know idea what she was doing.

the weather has been just weird enough that,  i turn the heated seat on while the sunroof is open.

proof that football and home decor can co-exist.

my husband has won TWO umbrellas in the last couple of weeks.
one from the local news, and one at a golf tourney.
if he wins another, i'm sending him out to buy a lottery ticket.

i couldn't take our disgusting shower any longer, so i spent one whole day
digging out the old dingy caulking and rehabbing  the whole thing...door and all.
it involved a paint scraper, sawhorses, and toxic cleaners.
for realz.

i found some cute fall sweaters at the thrift store.

years ago i sold a cabinet a our garage sale and have regretted it ever since.
i missed it dearly.
i found it sitting in our local antique store this week and bought it back.
it missed me too.
and i may have squealed like a girl when i saw it.

the cat's new sleeping spot.

i always eat chinese food with chop sticks.

before long,we will be wading through leaves to get to the garage.
this is 5 minutes after i swept the driveway.

we leave in a week for someplace that's fabulous...
and requires a passport.



  1. i love the greenish sweater in your closet and the others also (: guess i'm going to have to go shopping at the 2nd hand store to get some real bargains!! love all your goodies from your friend, miley looks cute in her new collar (: tell her grammy said so!

  2. I have a matching juror summons on my fridge, the third one since June.ugh. Love the sweaters, and love the thrift shop.

  3. Such a great post and I love te new photo. You did very well on that swap. Should I do a Christmas one? It will give people more time to prepare.

  4. I love REAL mail! I just started a new linky party celebrating REAL mail :) I hope you'll come link up sometime!

  5. I love the story of the cabinet at the antique store. It was meant to come back to you!

  6. I'll try this again... so many fun pictures!!! Gotta love it when you spot a typo at the same time you are clicking "post comment"...

  7. Hi Amy, I found your blog this morning and went nuts over the caramel apple cupcake recipe. Well, I managed to completely mess it up - but thanks for the inspiration!! Love your random space here.

  8. Hi Amy- I love your blog! I have been looking back through some of your posts and found the really cute "candy" outdoor decorations you made for xmas last year. You mention using spray glitter but I can't find any- what brand makes spray glitter and any suggestions where to find it? Thanks!

  9. That is seriously awesome about the cabinet!


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