Sunday, November 14, 2010

50 years.

craig's parents celebrated 50 years of marriage this year.
50 years!    
all of us kids (california, minnesota, & kansas)  loaded up our cars and headed out to colorado to celebrate with them.
we stayed at a ymca camp of the rockies near winter park.
our week was full of all sorts of activites...

horseback riding.

 it's imperative to look cool while riding horses :)
me, sis n law shelli, sis n law keryn, and mom n law, marilyn.

all the girls worked on this tiled frame to commemorate the occasion.
plus we needed something to hold the family photo.
 i promise the child is not a target....
 whitewater rafting
 i don't think i have ever been this close to bald the wild anyway.
 the boys were braver than the girls and plunged off the cliffs.
 somebody may or may not have fallen in the river.  :)

well that's all for today...seems i have exceeded my storage space for pictures in google, so i will have to pay my 5 bucks to get more picture space...of course it would happen right in the middle of a post.  it takes at least 24 hrs to take effect, so hopefully i can finish tomorrow.


  1. Wow!! Congrats Jim & Marilyn!! 50 years is AMAZING!!!!

  2. Great pictures and what a grand celebration!

  3. amy.....this looks like A LOT of fun. for real.

  4. wow what a trip!! you guys really kept busy all the time it seems. a
    trip you won't forget (: anytime soon!!!!!!!!!! and again jim and marilyn happy anniversary 50 yrs that wonderful. blessings,

  5. So much fun! I actually think I've been to that YMCA before. I'm most likely going to spend a lot of time in Denver this next year.

    Oh and when you come to Maine next summer you can hang out with more bald eagles - they live on our lake!

  6. You are too cute in your little pigtail braids! :)


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