Thursday, November 18, 2010

st. kitts day 3

while the boys were teeing off (losing golf balls) here...
the girls headed out to do a little shopping.
we went to the town of basseterre, where the port is.
port zante is where all the cruise ships park, so of course that's where all the good shopping is.
tonya said that they have done a lot more work on the area since they had been there, two years ago.
besides all the souvenir shops, there was a local craft market going on also.

this picture cracks me up!
there was a musical troupe dancing and playing on the street.
and i'm thinking that gary coleman faked his own death and ran away to join the troupe in st. kitts, to get away from his crazy wife.
for realz!

here's some of the sights of the town,  minus gary coleman.
i loved this building.
i'm fairly certain some shadiness was going on down that long alleyway.
considering they starting yelling at us, when they saw our cameras.

so many bright colors everywhere you look.
 i love that you can paint your house bright bold colors and it fits right in.

even the post office boxes were bright & cheery.
i'm thinking this dude, just got sprung.
i hope his visitors read this sign that was hanging on the jailhouse.
they get right to the point.
the further we wandered into town...the more uncomfortable i felt.
we figured we went far enough and headed back towards the port shops.

while we were in this group of stores we heard two woman fighting...loudly.
i have no idea what they were fighting about, but they were screaming at the tops of their lungs in a language i have never heard.

we decided to call it a day and head back with our purchases to see if the boys were done golfing so we could go eat.
shopping works up quite an appetite ya know.
we ended up going to an old sugar cane plantation that was absolutely breathtaking.
when we arrived, one of the owners gave us a tour of the grounds.
besides the restaurant, they have guest houses you can stay in as well.
this guest house even had its own little pool.
i just loved the windows... i can't remember if the guy told us how old the plantation and it's building's were.
i was to busy looking at how beautiful everything was.
we practically had the place to ourselves to just wander around and take it all in.
you can see the volcano in the background.
 no flash.
i guess i only took one photo of the actual dinning area...
you can dine right next to the pool.
craig & i both had the grilled lobster, which was very good, but i think i still prefer good 'ol maine lobster.
sean, tonya and i ordered escargot...yes, i ate snails, and i have to say they weren't that bad.
i'm not sure tonya really liked them, but i have been amazed at the foods she's been trying...  :)
i made craig try one...he was not so impressed either.

we called it an early night, because we had big plans for the next day.
stay tuned for day 4...


  1. We've been going to St. Kitts for the past 5 years (Marriott timeshare owners). You must go to Spice Mill for either lunch or dinner. It's about a 20 minute drive and is fabulous (say Hi to Roger, the owner from Jay). Also, contact Sackville Grey (a taxi driver) at 869-664-8138 and have him give you a tour of the island. It's only $20 a person and he's teriffic. Have a great time!

  2. anonymous...we kept talking about going to the spice mill, but never made it. thanks for the tip about the taxi...i'll pass it on to our friends who also own at the marriot.

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! I've stayed a couple a couple different places in St. Kitts. I am contemplating buying a place in Kittaian Hill. Although, I'm not too enamored with the HOA fees and I'm not sure I want to rent the house out when I'm not there.

  4. I cant believe they have a UK phone box there ha!


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