Monday, November 15, 2010

50 years...part 2

so now that blogger, or google, or picasa will let me upload more photos, lets get back to colorado
and the big golden anniversary celebration.

i believe i left off with the bonfire...which was for roasting marshmallows.
unfortunately, the marshmallows melted in the car, so craig's mom carefully pulled them all apart and placed them
on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer hoping to salvage the little boogers, but the kids had a better idea of what to use them for.

marshmallow war.
it's now a proven fact that melted, then frozen, then partially thawed marshmallows leave welts...
i guess grandma now knows where the marshmallows went.  oops!

after everyone recovered from the marshmallow war we threw a party for the happy couple.
somehow we managed to bake a rainbow cake in record time when craig's parents were off with the kids doing archery...but it started to rain, so we had the boys run interference and send them to the roller rink to kill some more time.
i have no idea how we managed to get it done without them knowing...we even made slightly burnt popcorn to mask the cake smell.

on our last day we spent the day at winter park ski resort...they have so much to do, even in the summer when there's no snow anywhere.
everyone's favorite was the alpine slide.
 you ride the chair lift up and ride a plastic sled with wheels down a big, slick cement chute.
we did it over and over.
at one point my husband pushed the limits of speed (imagine that) and flew off the track.
he had the most hidious looking wounds on his elbow and knee.  ...and they still haven't completely healed.
i snapped a couple photos on one of my many trips down...
i totally scolded a chimpmunk for hanging out in such a dangerous area.  where was his mother?

while i pulled out my old school gymnastics skills...andrea tackled the climbing wall.
then we played a little mini golf.
the weather was absolutely beautiful that day, and i was amazed at how much they had done to the area since the last time i was there...  which is always in the winter for skiing, this was the first time i had been there in the summer months.
colorado has some of the most beautiful rainbows and scenery.
storm in front of us, and blue skies behind us.
we had a full week of not only celebrating jim and marilyn's 50 years together, but 2 birthdays also.
and we had yummy food every night (with very trendy looking cooks)
( the yummy trout that was caught.)

marilyn spent 1/2 an hour carefully digging this little guy up with nothing but plastic utensils while the fishing was going on...she was very determined to bring back a colorado pine tree.
here are a few of my favorite pics of the family...just for mom & dad d.
thank you jim & marilyn for the wonderful week filled with food, fun and family.
and never forget...
..and as nick would say...i hope you enjoy another 50 years :)


  1. What amazing photos. Melted, frozen, thawed marshmalllow fights.....Hmmmmm gonna have to try that with mini marshmallows.
    All the ski resorts must have the same summer activities. We do the whole Alpine Slide, bungee jump, mini golf thing in Breckenridge. Breck also has a fun maze that you can go in as a team.

  2. i loved all the photos but most of all i loved the beauty of the it tasted yummy i think i'm hungry for a pc of cake.........!
    that apron sure looked familar to me? (: certainly looked good on brad.(:


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