Sunday, November 21, 2010

st. kitts day 6.

all the rich food we had been eating called  for a little cardio,
or in our case a hike through the rain forest up to a waterfall.
we hired mr. rogers to get us there and give us the grand tour.
he was an awesome hiker, and fed us fresh coconut and homemade bread after we were done.
i had no idea fresh coconut tasted so different from what we get at the store...way better!
this was our ride.
and this is how windy it was getting there.
he drove us part way up and we hiked the rest.
wild monkey's would dart across the road in front of us...they were way to fast to catch them in a photo.
these guys were eager to pose though.

did you know bananas grow upside down?  you probably did...i didn't.
i guess i never really thought about it before.
 walking through the giant hanging vines was really cool.
...and if your gonna try and swing on them like tarzan, you should always test them first.
we finally made it to the beautiful waterfall...
 who are these people?
tonya and i got in and waded around, the boys didn't wanna get wet...wussies!
we hiked our way down and headed back for the day.
 we stopped for one last photo.

after we recovered from our hike, we headed down the beach to eat at the shiggidy shack.
we watched the sunset while we were pretty.
i just love the beach laid back.
sean and i both saw strange green lights fly across the ocean when it was getting dark.
totally weird!
we found out after, that they even mention that on their at least we know we're not crazy!

another cute pic.
well, only a couple more st. kitts post case you were wondering, anonymous.


  1. i did not know that bananas grow up!

  2. I totally need you to copy over your pics when you come visit. You have a lot of cute ones of Sean and me!

  3. Okay this is odd. I used to actually schlep through the jungle in Hawaii to cut down a bunch of bananas and I swear I don't remember them growing upside down.
    Love the photos. The cows each have their own bird back rider.
    The hole in the tree looks like nature homemade urinal. Sorry, but it does. Just don't drink out of it.

  4. I totally didnt realise bananas grow upwards, what i wonder if why they dont bend over.... weird lol


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