Wednesday, November 17, 2010

st. kitts day 2.

if you know me, then you probably guessed what we did on our first full day in paradise.
i guess i'm pretty predictable when there's a beach involved.
the ocean felt sooo good, it was just right.
we spent most of the morning swimming & sunning...
i would have no problem staying here until winter is over.
we were there the very last week of their "off season"  so it wasn't crowded at all...
that was nice.
i still think it's funny though that there could be an "off season" in the caribbean.

craig was trying to body surf....
i just like to roll with the waves and take it all in.
some of our ocean fun.
when your laying on the beach, the locals try and offer you stuff to buy...
most of it was a little annoying, but i couldn't pass up playing with this little guy.
his name was jimmy cliff and he was the cutest.
even though he bit me...
don't worry, it didn't break the skin and i quickly washed the area really, really, really good.
but it totally freaked me out!  FREAKED ME OUT!
all i could think about was the movie "outbreak" and that i was gonna die on my first day of vacation!

obvs since your reading this, the monkey bite wasn't fatal and we continued on our day.

after lunch we moved on to the pool.
there were 3 big never ending pools to choose from, but only one with a swim up bar.  :)
i love this picture of t....

stay tuned for day 3...we actually left the resort (well tonya & i did anyway)


  1. You totally have a 6-pack in that picture, Amy!! I'm loving these pictures... especially the cute little monkey! (But Corey is completely disgusted by monkeys. He may be commenting...)

  2. Amy I was thinking the exact same thing. Holy Crap! Has she seen the movie "Outbreak"? I would be on the first plane back home. DON'T go near the local animals...SERIOUSLY.
    Now aside from all that it looks amazing.

  3. By the way...nice tan and nice abs girl. Way to go.


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