Saturday, November 20, 2010

st. kitts day 5.

so if your gonna travel to a luxurious island, then it wouldn't be right if you didn't pamper yourself a little.
before i go any further, i have to say how in love i am with the planters just outside the spa.
 aren't they just the coolest?  i totally want them...maybe i can recreate them on a smaller scale.
ok, back to the spa...
tonya and i both got  facials that lasted 80 minutes.
80 minutes of pure relaxing, heavenly bliss.
you totally hate me right now, don't you?

the spa was super relaxing and so quiet...
 i had the whirlpool and sauna all to myself.
 i totally felt  like a rock star.  :)
the facial lady said we would look like we were ten years old when she was finished... HA!
i think she got a little lost in translation...

while the girls were at the spa all morning, the boys played another round of golf.
the golf course at the resort is really beautiful...the front nine borders the caribbean and the back nine borders the atlantic. 

that evening we tried our luck at the casino.
i was a newbie to it all.
we entered a lame slot tournament.
i made it to the final round, but ended up 4th.
no bueno!
i had to leave my awesome dinner to finish the tourney.
at least i got to share this with craig for dessert.
that night we discovered the greatest drink on earth.
the frozen mojito.
there was only one bartender who could make the perfect one...nicola.
she always had a big smile on her face and she was the sweetest!
she thought it was hilarious that we wanted to take her picture.
she was so nice and gave us the recipe...which i wrote down on a napkin.
one of these day i might just share it, but for now it's a secret. 
it has totally knocked the margarita down to number's that good.

just a couple days left of torture...
then back to reality.


  1. I really HATE reading about your trip----makes my life look even more pathetic!!

  2. amy you must make me a mojito so i can compare (: mom


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