Wednesday, October 13, 2010

all tucked in for winter.

since it started raining leaves around here.
i decided it was time to tuck in the fish for the fall and winter.
it consists of putting huge, unsightly nets over the pond to keep the leaves out.
too many leaves and it can kill the fish...not to mention make it an even bigger pain in the spring to clean out.
this year i made a frame to support the net out of corey & amy's old trampoline.
i was trying to be green and do my part to save the planet....  cause i'm down with that. :)

the fish are still eating, so i throw the food through a hole the squirrels made, so they can still get a drink.
they are the most demanding little squirrels i tell ya.

after picking up what seemed to be a trillion sticks in the yard, i burned them in this all day.
there's nothing like working in the yard and listening to a roaring was so relaxing.
when i came in for the night, i made a cute halloween bunting with the leftover tablecloth from target that
i made the pillows out of and another tablecloth i also got at target.
it literally took me 15 don't look very close.
then i paid all those demanding companies who's service i use every month and expect to be paid for it.. 
no fun.

then i finished the night and into the morning watching the tv show parenthood....
(with a nice hot bag of microwave popcorn)
it has become one of my favorite shows.
it makes me laugh, cry and cringe all at once.

that's it...
later peeps.


  1. I finally sent your halloween box today. Sorry it's taken so stinkin long.
    I love the box you sent and my 3 year old son has adopted the pillow and carries it all over the house.
    I love your cute halloween bunting. Might have to try and make some of that myself.
    Leigh Anna Buck

  2. I LOVE your blog! Just found it via Joy's Hope...after reading past posts, just had to comment on this one....I LOVE PARENTHOOD! Your description is spot on, laugh, cry, it!!!
    Jess in Nebraska


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